Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Joined the Gang in `Da Hood`!!

Today I received my Sinner Tour Cap, aka: “Da Hood!” from Ray at Bluevelo
2013-05-21 21.54.51
Tonight I went on a 12km test ride. OMG! I am a believer! on a short 2% stretch outside of town the best I’ve ever done down was 45kph at the end of the season when I was conditioned. Tonight at the beginning of the season I hit 50 kph!!! Actually it was the first time I ever hit 50 while pedaling the velo on a relatively flattish road. I am excited to see what I can do as I get fitter.

2013-05-21 22.00.31
Okay maybe losing 45 lbs this winter helped too, but I did this stretch only two weeks ago! Zoom Zoom....

Save your pennies boys and girls, it really is worth it.

On the side of the tour cap it says: Sinner!
        But I’ve been Redeemed! (honest Officer!)
Havin Fun and lovin my Velo
Larry P.S. Thanks Harry for a Great innovation (looking forward to the new holey seat ;) and Ray for prompt delivery!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Red Deer Ramble Report

Friday, Wouter and headed down to Red Deer with the ICE Trikes, Adventure and Sprint, to deliver a large hard-shell seat for my friend Cornells’ ICE QNT. after the usual BS ing we rode the river valley trail system for the day.


It was a great ride.the pathway was paved and fairly quiet of of other riders and pedestrians. In the morning it was cool and when we rode through tree cover it was chilly but by the we stopped for coffee it had warmed up and turned out quite pleasant for the remainder off the ride.

Riding with Cornell and Wouter is always a lot of fun as these two Dutch guys have a lot of anecdotes to share along the way. Just over 3/4 through the ride we found a nice coffee shop and picked up a latte then rode over to a park and sat on the trikes soaking up the sun and chatting. It sure is nice to have a comfy seat where ever you you find a nice spot to stop!


If you ever get a chance to ride in Red Deer go for it its a very pleasant day ride.  When we finished the ride Cornell had to get back to Cochrane (2 hours away) so after lingering around a bit he left, then Wouter and I headed for supper at the Bistro (formerly Applebee's ) then went on the hunt for some licorice in the shopping center. Didn’t find “Dutch” licorice but found some and then we headed back up to Leduc (just over 1 hour) .

Over all it was a great inaugural ride for an annual recumbent rendezvous!

We hope to get together again this year to ride parts of the new trail from Cochrane to Calgary and the Legacy Trail from Lake Louis to Calgary. And to get a run on our Velos! If you want to come stay tuned for details. Next is the annual migration to Kellogg at the end of June of course.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ramping it UP!

Often I have the privilege of having my wife Alice (or a friend) help me load and unload my velo or a trike into my Caravan to go somewhere to ride. But often I have to try and get the trike or velo in or out by myself, which can be somewhat awkward. So after doing a few experiments with various results I finally came up with a great solution.
I picked up at our local lumber supplier, 2.5 - 1”x 6” x 6’ smooth sided pine fence boards for $2.45 ea. cdn. To which I screwed, 3 stripes of woven strapping that I cut off from a couple of old tie downs and Walla:
 IMG_1507       IMG_1504

The straps will allow me to just roll the ramp together and tuck under the velo or trike! The silver part on the bottom is a metal drywall stud I cut to fit and just drop in and out, so the ramp does not squeeze together when rolling the velo up or down.  Simple, cheap, strong, light and compact!  YES!

After the ramp was made my freind Wayne and I went out for a 30k ride during the best Saturday afternoon weather we have had here in Leduc since the early Fall. A bit windy but over 21c and sunny!