Sunday, April 28, 2013

Introducing Trikes to the Masses

This past weekend Wouter and I spent Friday Eve, all day Saturday and Sunday at the Leduc Business Expo. We had a booth displaying 4 of our trikes and promoting comfortable and fun cycling! A majority of attendees had probably never seen a trike and were shocked at the price and quickly lost interest. But I was surprised a the number who took to the idea and wanted to go for a quick ride. About 50 or so rode them all came back with huge grins! It was really a blast watching people young and old take the trikes out for a brief ride around the expo hall. All were astounded that they were so comfortable and easy to ride. We had a couple of individuals who tried out the bikes who had almost given up riding due to bad back and other ailments, but could see the trikes as an alternative to renew their riding. Over all I think it was a great start to the Year. Will we see them out on a new trike or velo this year? Who knows, but at least they had a chance to ride “one of them” and now they have something to talk about around the water cooler this week at work! “Hey, guess what I did this weekend?!”


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Friday, April 19, We  had the opportunity to to show some of the high school teachers at Beaumont Comp a variety of recumbents. Last Friday was a Professional Development Day for the Teachers. The Students had the day off while the teachers met for planning and, etc. Later in the afternoon after they had been in planning sessions all day they wanted something different to do so they had contacted Wouter to bring by some trikes and stuff. Wouter still subs there so they knew of his recumbent and trikes passion.

We had a great time as most had never seen, much less ever tried to ride a recumbent. Seeing them flounder on the 2 wheeled Tour Easy and Burley Django was fun for all, but getting on the trikes brought out the kid in many. Zipping around the large Gym at the school was a pleasant ending to a day of meetings! 

Giving opportunities for people to ride and experience the comfort and fun of "’Bent riding is what Renu Cycle is all about

This Weekend, April 25-28,we will be hosting a booth at the Leduc Business Trade show and Exhibition.  Come down to see our ICE and Terra Cycle recumbent Trikes!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Velomobile Cockpit Edge Protection

Ever since I saw some of the Euro riders Velos with a nice trimmed cockpit edge protection on their velos I liked it. I always seem to scuff my edge getting in or out of my velo. Wim sells Neoprene that looks great but uses contact cement to Apply. Being in Automotive Cleaning / Tint paint protection Services, I was aware of a product that may be easier to apply and remove later. This week a velomobile Quest Rider on BROL asked about paint he could use to lower the glare under his Vizor. When I saw this thread last night I was reminded that I wanted to try applying Some Xpel Doorsill Film to cover the edge of my Sinner Mango Velo cockpit rim. So Today I grabbed the Xpel Off the Shelf, along with my heat gun. and did a quick trial.

The product comes in clear and black and is quite tough and stiff. A little heat and it moulds very nicely to the gel coat. To go all the way around the rim you need about 6.5 feet. It comes in 60" x 2.75" retail rolls.
Half an hour later it was done. Be careful with the heat as the film only has a certain stretch point when heated then it shrinks and tears. When Cool the film is quite tough. Now my rim is protected from scuffing, reduces glare and looks cool; and if you fold it under the lip can prevent nasty scrapes!
IMG_1429 IMG_1430

This will peel off with a wee bit of heat and a gentle pull.
I also used this product for a non slip cover on the bridge deck. Its great for areas on your other bikes/trikes for a chain slap guard or where you could scuff the paint with your foot.
You should be able to find it at your local automotive accessory store or I can supply it to you.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Can’t See!

Today I decided to ride into Leduc From Calmar (18 Km) as the weather seemed to have finally become more mild than the last few days. So around 4:00 pm I got my stuff ready for the ride to my local Gym. Snap Fitness is concluding a 6 week weight loss challenge that ends on Monday April 15. Currently I am in second spot. The weather was sunny with a few clouds and no wind, YES! I moved the velo out of the garage to set my gym gear and batteries for my stereo in and I noticed the rear tire was flat- okay fixed that. I love you don’t have to remove a wheel on the velo to change tire tubes! Then I had troubles getting my heart rate sensor and speed sensor paired with my IPhone . Finally got that going and off we go 15 min later.
Man I am just cruising along at about 30-35 kph along highway 39 east, just before the Devon turn off, listening to music on  mysound system via an iPhone. About 15 min into the ride I start to notice that my breathe is starting to fog up my oversized visor, the temperature is dropping.. I love this Visor because it keeps me totally out of the cold spring air as I cruise along.  About 9 km along or about halfway to Leduc I start seeing large snow flacks floating around. The sun is still shining, but the breeze has picked up. 1 kilometer later the Visor is definitely foggy from my breathe and body heat rising out of the velo and there is a lot more snow flying around. The closer I get to Leduc the worse it is getting. From the edge of Leduc to Snap Fitness is about 3-4 kilometers. From the first reduced speed sign to the first red light is about 400 meters, I could barely see the light from there is was snowing so bad. I could see these huge heavy snowflakes hit the ground and leave large wet spots. I wasn’t cold being in the open  velo, but the big wet snowflakes were pletering the visor so bad I was having trouble seeing clearly. As I past Leduc Common it really started to snow heavy. Maintaining a good for me pace of around 27kph through Leduc (in traffic) past Leduc Common retail area and onto the highway entrance to bypass Leduc residential area.
As I turned on to the highway for that 1.5 km shortcut to Snap Fitness, a huge dollop of snow hit me in glasses and then smeared and fogged up. So Here I am peddling my @$$$ off at 30-35kph on the busy highway right hand lane, with merging traffic behind me, having to look sideways past my glasses pulling the visor down occasionally to stay on the right side of the lane I was in and yet not drive into the ditch. Every time I pulled down the vizor my glasses would unfog for a moment, but the wind would throw more wet heavy snow on them and the visor.  I finally rolled into the parking lot and Snap fitness barely seeing where I was going. When I got out of the Velo, the visor and the top of my head was caked with wet heavy snow.
Man Was that ever a Fun, Thrilling and memorable first of the Year Ride into Leduc WAHOO! I love Velo Riding. Only my face was a bit wet , but I was warm  and smilin! Sorry I don’t have any pictures, I would love to get one of the ones that at least 5 people slowed down to take as i was madly flying down the streets in a April snow storm. Did I mention that 10 minutes after arriving at Snap Fitness the Snow Stopped, the Sun came out and steam was rising from the wet streets!  That’s Alberta for ya!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Look Ma No Breeze!

I took the Mango out for a ride around town tonight to test out a clear extra large vizor I cut out this afternoon( I cut a tinted one on the weekend for daytime riding) Over the past week a lot of our town bike paths and side streets have cleared nicely from all the snow we got last month. The weather is supposed to get colder with snow and Rain in the next few days, so a ride before the storm was in order!

IMG_1419[1] IMG_1420[1]

I was a great test as the sun dropped so did the Temperature. My Buddy Wouter was riding the Ice Sprint 26” and really noticed it getting a lot colder as we rode. The new extra large visor kept me quite warm and totally out of any breeze of cold air! I would love to have a Sinner Race Cap, but since I don’t plan ride my Mango in to much  rainy weather, this visor will extend the cooler ends of the season quite nicely until I can afford one.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cool Evening Protection

After recently having gotten my Mango back into riding condition and the snow having melted in our neck of the woods, I am back enjoying the velo so much!

Saturday my Pal Wouter B. and I went for our first ride of the year to a little community center about 13 km from my home in Calmar. I was in my Velo, he on our new ICE Sprint 26 shop Demo. A great afternoon of riding ! Total for the day –35 km, YES!

2013-03-30 14.13.11 2013-03-31 001 2013-03-30 003

I found that the spring air was chill when riding over 25kph so I decided, after remembering several posts from Euro Velo riders, to make a larger visor. So After Easter Church services I designed and made a larger visor and then had the opportunity to test it out later that afternoon. My youngest Son Brian, also tried it out during a few loops around the block. Verdict: No breeze on my face, felt luxurious in the velo with the sun shining!!

2013-03-31 001 2013-03-31 006 IMG_1411