Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Vortex Plus at the Shop

Chris From Edmonton stopped by my shop today (Thursday, Sept 27) to show off his pride and joy: a 2011 ICE Vortex. I have been sick with a severe sinus cold for the last week. Chris made my day when he stopped in unannounced. My first day back and I get this nice surprise! He has had the trike since the winter and loves it. It is the older Vortex folding model which was discontinued in 2012. But you can get a similar trike in the 2012 Sprint X, it has a 26" folding rear and similar Sram groupo.
You can check out all the ICE Models on thier Website. ICE
As we anticipate getting our Demo bikes in this confirms to us that ICE makes great bikes and happy, satisfied riders. Chris bought his trike without even a test ride, he had faith in the quality of the bike and the satisfaction of reviews and the reputation of ICE! WOW!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Its Bens birthday today

Ben my son do I will not be cycling tonight, and I just got word that Lyle will not be there. So who ever shows up have a great ride! See you soon!

Not Your typical GRR photo

Did a ride last month with my ride group to EM TEE Town West of Edmonton a couple of weeks ago. About 12 of us Spent the weekend at friends cabin on Buck Lake. The usual camp fires and BBQ’s,  but  we also spent a day riding about 50 km around the area. One of the highlights was a tour and lunch at this recreation of a western town. Sort of touristy but gave me an opportunity to do some themed photos for my desktop. You can see more of our trip on the flicker page. It a re creation of a Western town. Had some fun taking a few photos then I played with them last night . Here is my favourite so far.
GRR West b w

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Look whats new at Renu Cycle

2011 I started to do basic bicycle repairs with encouragement from Grant Patton of Bentley Cycle, Barry D, and a host of others. It has done well and we are expanding our services. I am pursuing a dream to promote recumbent cycling in Notheren Alberta. Check out ths link renu-cycle. The largest segment of growth in the recumbent industry are trikes.

Sprint RS

With the baby boomers growing older and wanting to live a healthier lifestyle , trikes seem to fit well.  With in the the next month or so I will have some demos in. so feel free to stop by the shop and check them out. in the mean time check out the ICE Trike web site watch some of the cool videos and begin to dream!