Thursday, May 31, 2012

New VeloRydr Cap and Skull Cap

I found out that I can get a die sublimated job done for the same prices as embroidery so here is what I have come up with. I wanted Velo Cap that would be cool and promote our Velos. Plus Walz Caps is looking to promote their new Jack Rabbit Cap so:

VELORYDR Subliminanal HATS rightVELORYDR Subliminanal HATS left
VELORYDR Subliminanal HATS midVELORYDR Subliminanal HATS brim

What you think? I was only going to produce about a 12 sublimated wicking caps, but they are quite popular on BROL. So I may do more if there more interest.
I asked and Walz Caps can use the same layout to make skull caps. They said sure!  So If you want a skull Cap let me know too!
Costs will be what is posted on the Walz Caps website plus a bit for only the cost of what it costs me to ship to you. If a couple of people get together they can make a group order for several caps and save shipping.

If you are seriously interested in ordering (1) one or more, let me know the size and number, so I can order them A.S.AP.
                !!!No Commitment or Money Now!!!
Just post a comment ONLY IF You REALLY intend to purchase. I will send another Notice when they are in my possession and really to ship to you. About 4-6 weeks from now.

I Am Not making anything on these Just the Pride of Design, and distribution, Plus I want others to know what we Ride with Pride!!!!      (Well a couple of bucks for packaging, gas to post office probably.)

Free Advertising, eh!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Velorydr Hats

I would like a hat with a velo on it to promote my Velo, blog, etc. and maybe pass along to a few others for a bit over cost. Only I am not sure which design to go with. I will be ordering 12 or so in the next week. Please help me decide with this poll.
If you would like one and of a certain color let me know. These will be of a wicking material or wool if you want. I am finding I like wool in summer and winter. All Walz Caps or thier sister caps JackRabbit Caps. I am leaning towards a black Jack Rabbit Cap for the longer bill for better shading from the sun when riding my velo. What do you think?

You can also see a similar poll on BROL:

If you would like one drop off a email at

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A new Rider in my Velo

I have had a basic character in my recumbent and velo graphics for years, finally last night I kicked him out and put myself in. TA DAAA:

Why I get these ideas and inspirations at 11:30 pm I don’t know but I was up way too late last night! I remembered I had a characture don't at a fair several years ago. So I dug out the scan I had of it and imported it into CorelDraw 15; updated the pic to look more experienced, chopped off the head and added it to some of my graphics, of which you see the results.  Here is another graphic I altered:

I hope you enjoyed this more lighthearted post. I know my wife chuckled!

Monday, May 21, 2012

May Long Weekend Ride Around Lac St. Anne

Its been our custom for the Last couple of years to go to Alice's’ family Cabin near lac St. Anne at  Alberta Beach Alberta. She grew up going to Family Bible Camp in that Cabin and her Mother Bequeathed it to Alice on her passing. So we go rake the leaves , tidy it up and then spend the rest of the weekend riding in the area. For the last few years I have ridden around Lac St. Anne for a total of about 45 km or so. This was Alice's’ first ride around the lake on her Tour Easy and mine with the Mango.
Alice did great for a lack of riding this year, as this was her first longer ride!  It was a bit of a effort as they have done a lot of road work in the Native Canadian Reserve at the North west part of the lake and 1/3 of the route turned to heavy gravel road! Arrrrg!!! There were times I got stuck in almost 6-8 inches of loose gravel. I have to say that a Mango doesn't float over deep gravel too well. A couple of times Alice pushed me out of the deep stuff and up part way up a hill then walked back and got her bike or I had to walk the Mango a bit. But we just laughed it off and called it an adventure!
Alberta Beach May 2012 009

I must say it is grand to have a partner who loves to ride ‘bents and can laugh at her husband and the situation he gets her into sometimes… priceless!

Alberta Beach May 2012 013

 lARR & alICE Alberta Beach May 2012 015

We had a great time and then when we got back to the cabin we had a BBQ with some of her family and the played ROOK ( a card game) until 12:30 that night.
A great Day!
Monday after we got back from the lake I went for a training ride with 3 other from my cycling group for a 25 km romp. Well a romp for me as they battled ahead wind a lot of the time and i coasted for a bout 1/4 of the ride as the velo rolls so much easier than their up rights. Plus when it came time to push it a bit the quickly were dropped way behind and i had to cast until they caught up. Velos are so unfair to enable a fat guy to stay ahead of his co-riders soooo easily! heh heh heh!
Have a great Week

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tartar recumbent trike ride 2012

Here is a great video that BROL participant Kmxtornado loaded up. First time I see myself in someone elses video COOL
It WAS a great trip and venue for a ride

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

American River Trail–East - Saturday

It has been a peculiar thing for the past few years. Normally I am a late riser in the morning, I have been for most of my life a “night” person or late evening might be a better term. But since about 2003 on my holidays I Get up a lot earlier, say between 5-and 7 am instead of my normal 8-9. Something in me doesn’t want to waste any part of the day. Well sharing a room with a early riser doesn’t hurt; Cornell’s internal alarm seems to wake him at 6 am no matter how late he stays up the previous evening. So Saturday morning and every frickin mornin during the trip I was wakened by the shower or Cornells' rustlings around the room. Wahoo another fun day ahead.

After we got ready we met several other riders and headed over to ”The Waffle Shop". Okay I have to state here that overall we found on our trip, that food prices were generally the same as in Canada but the portions are still huge! I ordered an omelette and it was 3/4 the size of my plate and was loaded! Plus I got a heap of hash brown's and a biscuit covered in a pork gravy. For at least 15% less than what I paid for for less quantity in Canada . Now Wonder the Americans are second in the world in the obesity epidemic. They should give smaller portions for less price. Would it help?  Can’t hurt.

We finished our breakfast and headed over to the Motel and started to get our bikes ready! Its always a joy to seeing so many riders getting together and checking out the others guys rides and mods.

North American riders are such few in numbers, so spread apart; that its hard to get together; so when we do its a huge gawk session. I was surprized  over the number of Ice Trikes out for this meet.

spring 2012 Tartar 017 spring 2012 Tartar 018

Usually Catrike is in the majority, but it seems that Ice was in the lead for most of one type. I’ve always had a preference for the indirect steering and smoothness of ride rather than the direct steering types. Plus the Ice bike rides so much smoother. Hmm. If it wasn’t for the price … Catrike had better watch out!

spring 2012 Tartar 020 spring 2012 Tartar 019

Around 10:15 we finally got everyone together and rolled across the street to a lager parking lot to make sure we had everyone and the final preps and 1 flat was done then we headed through the Streets of Rancho Cordova to the entrance to the American river trail. All told I believe there was about 35 of us that morning heading east.

The Trail runs along the river, beside golf courses , bits of highway and through some nice parks. The elevation was nice with only a few dips and rises. As usual during the stops you get to introduce yourself and begin to make new friends.

spring 2012 Tartar 021 spring 2012 Tartar 022

The weather was  above 30c and the trail was great with a lot of other cyclists who were both amused and grumpy; depending if they were “training” with a group of other or just touring. I have heard since that the Sacramento area is not the nicest area for serious riders and that if they can, they like to speed along and train on the trail. For an urban bike trail It was worth the drive.

spring 2012 Tartar 023 spring 2012 Tartar 026

For lunch several of us ended up at a new, to me, type restaurant that serve Fish Tacos as their thing. Yep Fish Tacos, Mostly deep fried fish and typical taco and burrito fixings . Pretty good for a mid ride stop over lunch. 

spring 2012 Tartar 028 spring 2012 Tartar 027

We then headed back to the motel the way we came. Both ride and Saturday and Sunday were out and back again rides. I recall we got back around 4:30 pm and the relaxed around the pool until it was time to go for dinner. Across the Street was a Hooters.  The night before we had gone for Thai so I wanted some good old comfort bar food after a good days riding. I went for Wings’n fries with 5 others.

After dinner several riders got together around the pool and had a few drinks and of course lots of stories and bike talk. I realised the next morning we had broken All of the rules posted for use of the pool area. But we did not hear a peep from the management as for a group we were fairly quiet.  Around 12:30 pm we finally headed back to our rooms for some rest before the next days Hot Ride.  So we rode about 52 klm on Saturday. met and had a great time with new friends  AAAhhhhhh

Monday, May 7, 2012

Road trip to Tar Tar–The trip down

The Trip down

Getting off work at the Edmonton International Airport , where I work part-time at 1 am and driving to Calgary in a Winter storm my not be the best way to start a road trip. But It was my first one in several years. By the time i got to Cornells ( BROL name: Bluecoyote) it was 5:30 am and there was almost a foot of wet ploughed snow on the street by his house. I had stopped at a road side rest stop to sleep for an hour as i had been up since 8Am the day before. So when I got to Cornell s I parked up the street and had another snooze until 7am. Then I drove up his drive way and immediately started to hear his party of three welcomer's. Cornells 3 dogs are notorious for announcing visitors to the household no matter what time of day. That is one reason I stayed away until 7am. Well Cornell was awake and getting ready. So I had some breakfast while he got the last touches of his gear ready and then we loaded up the van and headed to Californy!

Montana, Idaho and Nevada are huge! the landscapes where Epic!

spring 2012 Tartar 007

Its hard to get a scope of just how Grand the views of expansive horizon can be in my iPhones pictures but i was constantly amazed at the vistas

spring 2012 Tartar 008

and Cornells ever amusing stories and anecdotes of his 30 years as a curator for Parks Canada. To say the trip down to Sacramento seemed fast for 2750 klm is an understatement, a better travel companion I have never had,

spring 2012 Tartar 009

(besides my wife) he didn’t even complain about my snoring! Fast downhill's in a minivan yes.

spring 2012 Tartar 005

If you count the whitening of knuckles on the passenger upper grip as anything. Funny the faster I went down hill the whiter the knuckles and the quieter Cornell got!

spring 2012 Tartar 015spring 2012 Tartar 012spring 2012 Tartar 016spring 2012 Tartar 013

The above photos are of Lake Tahoe and I must say it was a highlight of the ride down. This Vista matches any in Canada and is one of my favourites no matter what country!

Finally after two nights and a good and then a not so good motel we arrived in Rancho Cordova. A nice Room, a swimming pool and a shower! Then we started meeting people as the arrived. We commandeered and area out besides a couple with a big RV and a patch of grass and a light to sit by. Almost anyone arriving could not miss the group of us meeting and greeting each other. It is amazing to meet strangers to whom you only know by BROL avatar name and have this immediate rapport. TOT in June is like this too. You are “in” right from the beginning. If you are warm and welcoming so are the others. I met some great people while down there and believe I have made some new life long friends. Well after some drinks and laughs we finally shut i down after midnight to get some sleep  for the next couple of days rides.

More to come: The rides down the American River Trail; Epic Hospitality; Bend Oregon, The Risse Factory Tour; Portland home of Terra Cycle Tour and home Lonnie Morse; The log cabin! and finally home. Stay tuned…

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New Tinted Vizor

While in Portland to visit T-Cycle and gang I picked up some tinted Lexan from Pat. Tonight I put a Vizor made from it and I think it looks sportier. What do you think?
spring 2012 Tartar 134spring 2012 Tartar 135spring 2012 Tartar 136spring 2012 Tartar 138 spring 2012 Tartar 140

Later this week I will do some up for my Flevo Roof.
Stay tuned for some reports rgaurding My Trip to the U.S.
We drove over 5700 klm to ride 135 Klm. I never had such a fun time!